An app to automate transactions and activities between citizens and the government remotely, through Citizen's Service Centers (KEP).


Citizen app was an official proposition to the Greek government to automate most of citizen's transactions with the government, completely remotely and paperless.

A single case flow was presented to the Greek minister of Digital Governance in 2019 with exciting feedback on the idea, usage, and practicality of the proposition but it was abandoned due to limited budget.


UX design
UI design

Successfully delivered

iOS app


Users need to verify their identity once or services are locked. This process prevents unauthorised requests, spamming or fraudulent activities. On the contrast, verified identification helps the process automation without having to go through verification in each request.

Citizen services disabled screen

Step 1

The users need to scan their ID card using phone's camera. The UI prompts the user to scan both sides in order to proceed on the next verification step.

Citizen identification step 1

Step 2

Users can scan their fingerprint to get extra level of protection. The scan helps users to automate most of the processes that require identification but mostly it is a level of security to avoid forgeries.

Citizen fingerprint identification


The final step is to log in to GSIS system so that the app can get all user info like tax number, ID number, insurance number, etc. Now the user is 100% verified and services are unlocked.

Citizen services unlocked


Among the services is signature genuinity. The users can either take a picture of the document or select the file from their device.

Citizen genuine signature service


The users can scan the document with their phone camera if and add additional pages to the same document if needed. The document is finalized when the user taps on ready.

Citizen scanning document process


The users need to identify themselves prior to connecting with an agent. This process ensures that the person using the phone is the same with the registered user.

Citizen start identification process


Since users have already set up fingerprint registration, they can scan their fingerprint to proceed.

Citizen fingerprint recognition


The user connects with an agent to verify the identification. The agents have available all the required data from the user in their end, like the ID with the handwritten signature and all user details. They can confirm user's face and issue the corresponding document.

Citizen calling agent to verify identification


The document is issued in PDF format with all related verification proofs, added by the agent, and the user can download it from the in-app inbox.

Citizen issued document in inbox

Colors and fonts

Citizen fonts and colors used