A universal service for placing orders, while seated at your table, using checkout free payments across restaurants and F&B establishments.


FirstServed is a start-up company that targets the UK eating-out and F&B market. Users can place orders and make automatic, checkout-free, payments while in restaurants, pubs, or cafes and eliminate queues or waiting time to order.

The application was supported with a responsive landing page with instructions and app features description.


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Eating or drinking during peak hours is discouraging because of the crowded places that result extra waiting time to make an order and to check out.

Firstserved splash screen


A simple log in process is required so that the app can use user's personal details to process the orders but also to associate past orders, ratings, and favorite places.

Firstserved login screen

Get there

Users have the choice to find nearby places or just check in to a place once they've arrived. Other options let the users locate their favorite or recently visited places to avoid searching for them.

Firstserved home screen


Utilizing phone's location, users can see all available places nearby and get directions to access them. Users can sorte the places by distance or by rating to make their choice easier.

Firstserved places nearby

Check in

As soon as the customers are in the establishment they can check in to start ordering. The check in process can be done automatically using NFC technology or manually if the premises do not support this technology. Next step is to inform the restaurant or bar about their table number.

Firstserved check-in process

Order and pay

Orders are sent directly to the kitchen as soon as they are paid. Payment takes place automatically when the customers confirm their orders and processed through NFC technology. Additional orders can be made with the same process: Select, Pay, Order.

Firstserved order and pay

Dish details

The app is enriched with extra details for each dish, menu, or drink so that customers would know all ingredients, nutritional information or any allergens that may be present. This info is prepared by the restaurant owner to minimize staff intervention with the customer.

Firstserved dish details

Past orders

Users orders are tracked so that they can be checked anytime. Past orders can be viewed, reviewed and rated. An info that is valuable to them and other users when considering to visit the place.

Firstserved past orders

My places

Users can add a place to their favorites to have easy access when they need to or give them directions on how to get there when not near.

Firstserved starred places

My dishes

User's favorite dishes can be re-ordered with a simple tap as well as become suggestions to other users as recommended dishes.

Firstserved starred dishes

Colors and fonts

Firstserved fonts and colors used